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Roof windows


Types of product include roof tiles, shingles and rubber tiles.


Types of product include guttering, downpipes and hopper heads.


Types of product include timber and OSB.

External insulation

Types of product include straw, naturral fibre and wood fibre.

Tapes and membranes

Types of product include sealing tapes, spray-on membranes and membrane rolls.


Types of products include timber, brick and block, hemp block and structural steel.

Floor finishes

Types of flooring include tiles, ply and timber.

Internal insulation

Types of product include sheep's wool, cellulose and natural fibre.


Types of product include clay, osb and wood wool.

Wall finishes

Products include paints, internal renders and plasters.


Types of product include triple glazing, timber frame and casement windows.

Pipes and services

Types of product include pipes, MVHR systems and heat pumps.


Types of product include timber doors, french doors and bi-folds.


Types of product include lime and cork.

Monitoring Equipment

Types of product include indoor air quality monitoring systems.

Under floor insulation

Types of product include foam glass.


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