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From Passive House design and construction to high quality joinery finishes, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful and sustainable buildings using natural, durable and robust materials. With over 25 years specialising in low energy, high performance buildings, our timber frame houses begin life in our house building factory in Wales as fully engineered, insulated and air-tight closed panels. The panelised units are then transported to site where a weather protected structure can be assembled in only a few days.

The materials in our build systems are predominantly timber based and procured locally where possible. By using Warmcel cellulose fibre insulation along with timber and woodfibre lining boards, timber I-beams, timber windows, and timber cladding, carbon is locked-in to create a sustainable building that is healthy, comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Warmcel has also been awarded a Nature Plus Certificate.

We started our journey with Warmcel because it is the most sustainable high-performance insulation available that fully reaches our design targets and low energy standards.”

Jasper Meade, Director, PYC Group

For me, Warmcel is the obvious choice of insulation for your timber frame. Sustainable, professionally installed to a high standard, improves air tightness and very competitive. It ticks all the boxes.”

Rich Hibbert, Technical Manager, PYC Group.

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