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We are predominately suppliers of hempcrete blocks, having worked with hempcrete for a number of years we have now decided to create The Hemp Block Company to promote hempcrete to a wider audience. Hempcrete blocks are the most accessible and easiest to use form of this incredible material.

We have partnered with Senini, Europe’s leading manufacturer of hempcrete blocks, to bring high quality, affordable blocks that contain only hydrated lime and hemp shiv. They are the most natural hempcrete blocks available.

As well as having the backing and know-how of Senini behind us, our Technical Director William Stanwix, has over 12 years of experience designing, building and manufacturing with hempcrete and is co-author of The Hempcrete Book.

We are passionate about building with hempcrete for two simple reasons firstly, its huge environmental benefits and secondly its ability to wrap your home in a naturally insulating, breathable blanket.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

It was an obvious fit for us, as we have shared beliefs in how buildings should be constructed making them healthier places to live and work, while also being better for the planet.

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