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Akustak® is a British made, acoustic modular wall system; granted a UK patent in 2020. Specified on numerous high-profile music production and podcast studio builds; clients include Steven Bartlett and the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

Designed for materials optimisation and off-site construction, Akustak® minimises waste, during manufacture and installation, whilst its unique demountable form, facilitates recovery and reuse.

Prefabricated and portable, Akustak® accelerates construction timescales, with configurations installed from 15 m2 / per hour.

Akustak® has been laboratory tested for fire safety (BS EN ISO 1364-1) and resistance to sound (BS EN ISO 10140-2 & 717-1), guaranteeing Building Regulations – Part B and E compliance.

Modules are manufactured to a standardised size (670 mm x 1200 mm); formed, entirely, of parts dimensionally coordinated with universal sheet/slab sizes. As such, Akustak® lends itself perfectly to mass production; supported by two UK-based production lines. In-house software, enables rapid calculation of module quantities and dimensions, based on overall wall heights and widths.

A UK patent mitigates dilution of market share from copycat manufacturers and suppliers. The option to expand through licensing, for more rapid growth, is currently under consideration/development.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

Akustak® was designed and developed in direct response to the burgeoning levels of waste within the construction industry. Innovate UK recently published a statistic, claiming that 13% of all materials delivered to construction sites, end up in landfill, without being used. It is well documented, across the construction industry, that off-site construction has the capacity to substantively address this problem.

Becoming a member of the ASBP provides two crucial opportunities:

  1. Engaging with and learning from an internationally respected association, that’s driving the sustainability agenda within our sector, and, in so doing, ensuring that Akustak® adapts and develops accordingly.
  2. Introducing Akustak® to a potential client base, that’s receptive to updating archaic and innately wasteful construction methodologies.
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