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Established in 1998 Ecomerchant is a leading UK provider of sustainable building materials, renewable energy products, landscaping and groundwork materials that will create healthier and more energy efficient homes, schools and workplaces. The company has been instrumental in driving an increase in the demand for natural alternatives to many synthetic building materials and has developed a range of solutions and products that offer higher energy performance and building efficiency with minimal impact on the environment.

We consider the whole product supply chain from raw material production to end use to ensure not only the lowest possible environmental impact, but also that there are no negative impacts on human health. Issues such as potential to pollute, toxicity and indoor air quality are high on our agenda.

Key to any design are building durability, carbon reduction, cost and quality. Ecomerchant has developed solutions with combinations of products which give best performance with least impact on our planet at the most affordable rates.

Ecomerchant promote a fabric first approach to building looking to reduce the operational energy required, the more efficient the building is the more the importance of material choice increases as it becomes the main source of embodied energy or potential to pollute. Our product ranges are targeted at this basic approach to construction: get the fabric right first. All Ecomerchant’s products are chosen for their ability to eliminate, reduce or significantly improve environmental performance.

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