With an outstanding and ever-growing product range Armourcoat remains at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.

Developed over 35 years, the company works globally with its network of partners and customers, enjoying product sales and installation into 80 countries – a testament of global specification of the brand.

The UK business manages the sustainable manufacture of its wide product range, global distribution and technical support. Sustainability and longevity are at the heart of Armourcoat's product development program.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

As a global company, Armourcoat recognise the wider impact its products have on the planet. Armourcoat has an ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, from the sourcing of raw materials, through manufacturing, application and in-service life. Founded with a determination to responsibly develop, manufacture and install natural, high performance products, Armourcoat is driven to provide the most sustainable and aesthetic surface finishes possible.

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