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The ASBP Paints and Finishes Group (PFG) brings together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural and healthy paints & finishes in the UK, to work collaboratively and better communicate the many benefits of these types of products in a transparent manner.

The group is convened by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) and met for the first time in September 2021. ASBP has a track-record of successfully convening stakeholder working groups, including groups on Natural Fibre Insulation and Reducing Plastics in Construction.

Proposed outputs include peer-reviewed briefing papers, agreeing on harmonised language and the use of consistent terminology, collective advocacy, responding to consultations, knowledge sharing events, external speaking opportunities and collaboration on research projects.

The group is open to ASBP members who are involved in the production, marketing and/or sale of natural and healthy paints & finishes in the UK.

The number of members in the group is not limited but all members should be able to work in good faith with others in the sector. One of the first outputs of the group is the creation of a Code of Conduct.

Other complimentary organisations from across the sector may be invited to join as associate members/supporters where appropriate, such as indoor air quality monitoring companies or clients.

Yes. All members sign up to a Code of Conduct which is aligned to one of our ‘Six Pillars‘ – Ethics and Transparency, and the Anti-Greenwash Charter, with requirements set for transparency, accountability, fairness and honesty.

To read the Code of Conduct in full, visit

Upcoming Webinar - How to Use Natural Paints and Finishes

Thursday 13th June 2024, 14:30-16:00, Online (Zoom)

The benefits of natural paints and finishes for our buildings, people and planet are considerable – virtually VOC-free, non-toxic, breathable, better for allergy sufferers and free of polluting fossil-fuel based microplastics.

  • But how can they be best used in practice?
  • Are they applicable to all building types and substrates?
  • Are specialist skills necessary?
  • What preparation is required?
  • And how do they differ in use from mainstream paints and finishes?

Join ASBP and expert members of our Paints & Finishes Group for a practical ‘how to’ session on using natural paints and finishes, with case studies, demonstrations, top tips, FAQs and more.

Featured resources - Webinar recordings

Webinar recording of the group’s first two webinars – ‘What problems do natural paints & finishes solve?’ (May 2022) and ‘Paints and Finishes Explained: FAQs and Myth-Busting’ (June 2023).

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