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In 2001 our founders focused their passion for natural building materials and techniques into a company specialising in constructing and plastering with clay. Our love, understanding and respect for clay as a building material grew and, 7 years later, with hundreds of projects behind us, an award for Pioneers of the Nation from HM the Queen and 2 internationally acclaimed books, we decided to create and manufacture the best natural clay plaster in the world. A plaster that would rival the usability and practicality of any other alternative, but with no synthetic, toxic or caustic ingredients. 100% natural unfired clay. A plaster that could revolutionise the building industry and create a new aesthetic for architects and designers across the globe. That would embrace the powerful new trends for embedding quality materials into the fabric of the building, immense practical credentials and that would be, most of all, incredibly beautiful. We have completed 1000s of projects worldwide and our clients include Nandos, Wagamama, Wahaca, Foster and Partners and many leading interior designers.


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