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Session 1: Health and wellbeing

Welcome to Healthy Buildings 2024

Mark Lynn

Chair, The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products 

Crawford Wright RIBA – Head of Architecture and Design: Schools and Colleges, The Department for Education

Keynote speakers: Biophilic Schools: maximising nature connectedness and measuring outcomes

The Department for Education (DfE) is committed to delivering a better environment for future generations: enhancing biodiversity and increasing access to, and connection with, nature in and around education and care settings, as set out in our Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

Meaghan Kombol – Lead Sustainability Design Advisor for Green Infrastructure at The Department for Education

Sani Dimitroulopoulou

Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist – Indoor Environments, UK Health Security Agency and Chair of UK Indoor Environments Group (UKIEG)

Latest research into VOCs and indoor air quality

  • Presentation on concentrations and emissions from indoor sources for VOCs measured in European and UK residences.
  • 65 individual VOCs were identified though a literature review.
  • Health end points from inhalation exposure to these VOCs will be discussed.

Graham Winter

Senior Advisor (Waste Strategy & Circular Economy), Environment & Business, Environment Agency

The POPs problem: Persistent organic pollutants

  • Understanding waste
    • Your Responsibilities (Duty of Care)
    • Why it’s important to properly describe waste
    • What  assessment is required
  • Hazardous Waste and Persistent Organic Chemicals (POPs)
    • What are POPs?
    • Why are POPs a concern for the development sector?
    • Why are POPs increasing and what are we doing about it?
    • How to manage waste (Haz/POPs)
    • Legal position (producers)
  • The challenge for the Circular Economy
      • Intro to CE concept
      • How to manage waste (segregation) / avoid pops
      • CE approach to C&D (inc procurement & product design

Bella Murfin

Deputy Director for Trees, Woodlands & Forestry, Defra

Keynote speaker: Timber in Construction Roadmap

  • Celebrate the importance of cross-sector partnership.
  • Explore the opportunities and innovation set out in the Timber in Construction Roadmap.
  • Build on the momentum surrounding the Timber in Construction Roadmap and action so far.

Session 2: ASBP Awards 2024

Finalist #1 – East Ham Old Fire Station

Tonia Tkachenko, DRMM Architects

Finalist #2 – Goldfinch Create & Play

Mark Finney, Seb + Fin Architects

Finalist #3 – Houlton Secondary School

Josh McCosh, van Heyningen and Haward Architects

Finalist #1 – Washbox

Andrew Crimston, Washbox

Finalist #2 – EMR Reusable Steel

Tom Howarth, EMR

Finalist #3 – ADEPT modular construction system

Chloe Donovan, Natural Building Systems

Finalist #1 – Qflow

Brittany Harris, Qflow

Finalist #2 – Preoptima

Sarah Saxton, Preoptima


Finalist #3 – Grosvenor Supplier Mentorship Programme

Eve Bellers, Grosvenor

Session 3: The biodiversity crisis

Joe Giddings – UK Network Lead, Built by Nature

An introduction to Built by Nature and update on funded projects and upcoming calls

  • Introducing Built by Nature and our mission
  • A provocation: Can we re-establish the harmony between the built environment and nature?
  • A brief intro to our challenge, aiming to increase visibility of forestry throughout the value chain.
  • An update on the Built by Nature Prize – an initiative to spotlight game-changing biobased materials from around the world

Maisie McKenzie

Biodiversity Manager at Wienerberger UK & Ireland

Let’s build with nature in mind

  • How can specifiers promote biodiversity through the construction supply chain?
  • Maisie will describe how Wienerberger is embedding biodiversity promotion into multiple aspects of the company.
  • From product design and raw material sourcing, to land asset management, to curating impactful partnerships and encouraging others to take action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

Dainis Dauksta

Managing Director, Wood Science Ltd and Specialist Advisor, Woodknowledge Wales

Forestry and biodiversity

  • A brief history of ideas flowing into modern perceptions of sustainable forestry management.
  • Principal drivers and indicators of biodiversity loss. Symbiosis, trade-offs and opportunities for timber production alongside promotion of biodiversity.
  • Freestyle forestry management and adaptive construction design.

Biodiversity and supply chain transparency from forests to buildings

An introduction to the IMPACTT project

Dr. Asselia Katenbayeva – Research Associate, ASBP

Forestry, biodiversity and sourcing cross laminated timber (CLT)

Mila Duncheva – Business Development Manager UK & Ireland, Stora Enso

Mass timber case studies from the IMPACTT project

Adedayo Shittu-Balogun – Director of Projects, Eurban

Jez Ralph

Director, Evolving Forests

Biodiversity and product procurement

  • New approaches to silviculture put complexity and soil-health as priorities to ensure a richer, more biodiverse and more resilient forest.
  • The effect of this will be a more complex group of available raw materials.  Different species in different sizes with different ages.
  • Designers, developers, engineers, sawmills and foresters need to work together to evolve the palette of construction products to cope with this diversity

Emre Turhan

Onshore Sales team, NatureMetrics

Measuring and monitoring biodiversity

  • The need for a future-proof solution to understand site level risks & opportunities, translate this into broader ecosystem health and report effectively against the upcoming regulations.
  • Challenges in measuring biodiversity, why conventional monitoring methods are no longer fit for purpose and how companies are held back by the complexities of nature.
  • How NatureMetrics generate ground-truth data at scale, convert this into meaningful and actionable insights and allow easy reporting on ESG across entire portfolios within Forestry, Urban development and Infrastructure sectors.

Lucy Brittain

Partner, Cullinan Studio

Case studies

  • Beormund SEMH School in Southwark
  • The Catkin Centre and Sunflower House, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
  • Maggie’s Newcastle Annexe
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