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Finalists announced!

The finalists of the ASBP Awards 2024 have been announced, with nine applicants now invited to present at the ASBP Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo, which returns as an in-person event for the first time since 2020, on Thursday 29th February 2024, 10:00-17:00 at the Building Centre in London.

Congratulations to dRMM, SEB + FIN Architects, van Heyningen and Haward Architects, Geosentinel, EMR, Natural Building Systems, Qflow, Preoptima and Grosvenor who have been chosen as finalists in the Project, Product and Initiative categories. We would like to wholeheartedly thank all those that entered the awards this year. Find out more about this year’s shortlisted entrants.

Since launching in 2018, the ASBP Awards have provided a platform for industry leaders, innovators and radical thinkers to showcase their exemplar building projects, problem solving products and transformative ideas. To date, over 60 applicants have been shortlisted, with 24 winners being awarded a coveted ASBP Award trophy for accelerating the pace of change in industry.

Click here to register for conference tickets and join us to cast your vote for the People’s Prize!

Meet our finalists...

East Ham Old Fire Station

The former fire station in East Ham has been reinvented to offer seven affordable homes and a commercial unit while respecting its Grade II listed status. This radical adaptation challenges the notion that heritage preservation comes at a high cost, showcasing that adaptive reuse can fit various budgets.

Originally built in 1913, the building served as a fire station until 1960, later repurposed for council offices when a lot of unsympathetic additions were made. dRMM took on the project in 2016, prioritising low impact interventions and sensitive repairs to meet strict conservation guidelines.

Goldfinch Create & Play

Goldfinch Create & Play in Bristol is the world’s first Passivhaus certified art café. Designed by SEB + FIN Architects, the aim was to create a bright and welcoming environment to nurture wellbeing and creativity through children’s play and craft. 

The building achieved a extremely high level of airtightness, used sustainable and low embodied carbon materials, and high-efficiency sustainable technologies to heat, power, and ventilate the building.

Houlton Secondary School

Houlton School is a 6FE state secondary school and sixth form for the new emerging town of Houlton, just outside Rugby. The school has two distinct parts, the sympathetic repurposing of the solid masonry historic Transmitter buildings, and the high-performance new buildings needed to accommodate the rest of the school.

The school, designed by van Heyningen and Haward Architectscreates a dynamic learning environment for students, while skilfully retaining the building’s industrial scale and grandeur.

Washbox - Geosentinel

Washbox is a groundbreaking solution from Geosentinel which seeks to revolutionise construction site practices. It is a closed-loop, mobile wash station for all fitout trades designed to tackle water waste head-on. Operating independently from water and sewer systems, Washbox conserves water, reducing consumption by over 98%. It also prevents the release of harmful pollutants, safeguarding aquatic ecosystems. It is not just a tool, it is a movement toward a cleaner, water-conscious future for the construction industry and the planet.

Reusable Steel - EMR

EMR Reusable Steel is more than just a reclaimed material. The care and consideration taken throughout recovery, processing and design distinguishes the EMR Reusable Steel section from the traditional alternatives. EMR Reusable Steels provide not only an ultra-low carbon alternative to new material, but also pushes the industry towards a circular future through pioneering research initiatives.

Modular construction system - Natural Building Systems

Natural Building Systems has developed a comprehensive construction system made from exclusively climate neutral, non-toxic materials, comprising a breathable, high performance thermal envelope, floor and roof elements, and internal walls.

The hygroscopic natural insulation materials improve indoor air quality and climate resilience by reducing summer overheating.

Decarbonising Construction with Qflow

Qflow‘s ground-breaking innovation in the construction industry offers a transformative solution to sustainability challenges. With a focus on reducing waste, carbon emissions, and enhancing resource efficiency across the supply chain. Qflow’s platform has demonstrated remarkable outcomes, making it a trailblazer in decarbonising the construction sector.

Preoptima - Early Stage Carbon Optioneering for Significant Emissions Avoidance

Preoptima revolutionises sustainable construction with iterative, early-stage carbon assessments and optioneering. Rooted in sustainable construction principles, their AI-driven solutions emphasise early-stage intervention, data transparency, and universal accessibility. They aim to make the journey to Net Zero achievable and straightforward for the entire building sector.

Grosvenor Supplier Mentorship Programme

Grosvenor and Heart of the City launched a free Supplier Mentor Programme to reduce emissions in the property sector. It has been instrumental in helping Grosvenor achieve 41% of supplier spend to be with SBTs holding suppliers and increased the number of UK SMEs with SBTs by 20%.

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