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At European Metal Recycling (EMR) our purpose is to be a global leader in sustainable materials.

As consumers prioritise environmentally-conscious products, and governments around the world target net zero emissions, we know how important looking after the planet is to our customers — big and small.

That’s why EMR works with the likes of the international automotive companies, government bodies and blue chips, plus hundreds of businesses in industries such as demolition, construction and electronics, to turn their waste into a valuable resource.

We use the insight gained in these major projects to help individuals join the circular economy too, disposing of their household items and electronics in a more responsible way.

Luckily, most modern economies already have most of the materials that they need, from iron and steel to plastic and rare earth metals. By reusing the resources that exist in the machinery, appliances and consumer products of today, EMR helps to protect the environment of tomorrow.

At EMR, we are proud of our investment in cutting-edge technology, world-class research and dedicated team of recycling experts.

With facilities across the globe and a team of over 3,000 people, our operations put 10 million tonnes of material back into the supply chain annually.

Whatever your recycling requirement, EMR is ready to help you on your own sustainability journey.

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