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The ASBP Paints and Finishes Group (PFG), convened by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), brings together the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural and healthy paints & finishes in the UK, to work collaboratively and better communicate the many benefits of these types of products (i.e. health, sustainability, performance) in a transparent manner.

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency is one of ASBP’s ‘Six Pillars of Sustainable Construction’, which set the focus for ASBP’s activities and ethos.

“The accelerated adoption of best practice requires unprecedented levels of collaboration. This means we need a better construction culture that engenders greater trust. Focus on supply chain relationships, commitment to meeting standards and the integrity of your approach.”

Anti-Greenwash Charter

ASBP has been working with specialist communications agency Gusto to develop the Anti-Greenwash Charter, which has now been signed by nearly 50 organisations. We have aligned this Code of Conduct with the charter’s standards and encourage all PFG members to sign up to the charter and develop their own ‘Green Claims Policy’.

The charter standards are as follows (with additional requirements for PFG members):

Transparency – “We commit to clear communication of what sustainability benefit our product or service offers (and/or the products that we supply) and don’t conceal or omit information.”

Full declaration of ingredients of products.

Accountability – “We substantiate our sustainability claims with accurate, and regularly evaluated empirical evidence. We commit to sharing facts, figures and statements that can be checked.”

Evidence claims through independently verified methods (i.e. Environmental Product Declarations) and adopt appropriate/robust testing methods.

Fairness – “We commit to using fair, clear and unambiguous language when providing comparisons with other products or organisations.”

Adopt a fair and respectable approach to other organisations/competitors within the paints and finishes industry.

Honesty – “We ensure we make specific statements about our organisation’s sustainability efforts and that our actions match those promises.”

Avoid greenwashing and false claims, such as ‘zero VOC’ or ‘VOC free’.

For more information about the ASBP Paints and Finishes Group (PFG) and this Code of Conduct, please contact Richard Broad, Projects & Communications Manager, ASBP –

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