Programme and Presentations

9.00 Registration and exhibition

10:00 Opening address

10:10 Keynote speaker: People’s health and their internal environment; What epidemiological evidence do we have? Where should we focus our attention? Where are the significant risks?

Professor Stephen Holgate is chair of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) working party on air pollution and a co-author of the Every breath we take and Better homes, better air, better health publications.

(download presentation)

10:40 Session 1 - Measuring for healthy buildings: Building Performance Evaluation studies

Rajat Gupta (download presentation); Julie Godefroy (download presentation); Ben Humphries (download presentation); Tim Sharpe (download presentation)

Followed by a panel discussion

11:30 Exhibition and refreshments

12:00 Session 2 - Designing for healthy buildings

Mike Roberts (download presentation); Dr. Marta Santamaria (download presentation); Carol Costello (download presentation)

13:00 Lunch and exhibition

Session 3 - The role of products in healthy buildings

14:00 Keynote speaker: Fire toxicity of construction and building materials

(download presentation)

14:30 Moisture in buildings; health effects; air tightness

(download presentation)

14:45 Toxicity and construction products

(download presentation)

15:00 Building greening for urban wellbeing 

(download presentation)

15:15 Exhibition and refreshments

Session 4 - Delivering healthy buildings

15:45 How to reduce embodied carbon

(download presentation)

16:00 The WELL Building Standard

(download presentation)

16:15 Procuring healthy products

No posts found.

(download presentation)

Final session

16:30 Real-time air quality results

PPM Technology will be monitoring the air quality of the venue throughout the day of the conference and will discuss the real time air quality data collected, alerting delegates to any key air quality problems that may have been identified by the air monitors during the day.

16:45 Closing address

17:00 Drinks and exhibition

19:00 Close

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