Survey – Reducing plastics in the built environment

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products has launched a new survey, supported by our Plastics in Construction Group

The survey aims to gain a better understanding of plastic-based products in construction, including their sustainability, use, the reduction potential, and what activities are needed to support their reduction. The results will allow ASBP to focus its activities and create targeted resources to help facilitate a reduction in the over-use of plastics and stimulate uptake of lower-carbon alternatives. The survey is focused on the construction products themselves, rather than their packaging.

The Plastics in Construction Group is a cross-sector membership group, bringing together stakeholders from across the construction value chain to learn collaboratively and address plastics in construction issues, both in products and packaging. The group, set up in 2019, advocates a reduction in the unnecessary use of plastics. 

Outputs include a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify plastics initiatives in the construction industry, an introductory guide on plastics in construction, and the hugely successful Innovation Pitch Series

If you are passionate about the environment and want to have your say on plastics in construction, please complete the survey and provide your views. It should take no longer than 15 minutes. You also have the opportunity to leave your email address to receive the results of the survey, as well as additional information on the group and the ASBP’s activities. 




The survey is supported by the Plastics in Construction Group

Flooring Manufacturers Sustainability Alliance
Protec International Ltd
Safe Piping Matters

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