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A collaborative stakeholder group seeking to identify solutions and alternatives that can help to reduce the over-use of plastic building products and packaging in the construction industry

Plastics in Construction - Introductory Q&A Guide

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new introductory guidance document on the topic of plastics in construction. The interactive PDF guide has been developed by the the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and peer-reviewed by the ASBP Plastics in Construction Group.

Plastics In Construction Group

Launched in April 2019, the ASBP Plastics in Construction Group is a cross-sector membership group, bringing together stakeholders from across the construction value chain to learn collaboratively and address plastics in construction issues, both in products and packaging.

The ASBP’s 3rd annual Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo sought to explore the issues and impacts of plastic waste and pollution on our planet, and identify possible solutions and alternatives to help tackle the over-use of plastics within the construction industry.

The group does not seek to advocate a completely ‘plastic-free’ built environment. We recognise that plastics have useful applications within the construction industry but have become over-used. We support a reduction in the unnecessary use of plastics and encourage the development and adoption of suitable alternative materials.

Introductory guide – The issues and challenges – what we already know, who’s doing what and identify any gaps in knowledge. The solutions – policy and business drivers, forward-thinking initiatives and innovation.

Stakeholder and activities mapping exercise – Open source online map of initiatives and information sources.

Seminars and exhibitions – Find out more about the group and speak to our members. The group most recently presented at the London Build exhibition in November 2019.

Dragons’ Den – A chance for innovators to pitch their solutions and alternatives to our members and partners.

Site visits – Gain an appreciation of plastic usage first hand from site visits to manufacturing plants and construction sites.

Pilot projects – Trial possible solutions and innovative alternatives.

The group meets quarterly, with meetings being hosted by the ASBP (in London) or by the group members.

The next meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 21st January 2020, 11-3pm, hosted by Cullinan Studio at The Foundry, 5 Baldwin Terrace, London N1 7RU.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact Richard Broad at

The group is a collaborative learning network open to organisations (both ASBP members and non-members) who are interested in the topic of plastics in construction.

Those from all parts of the value chain are welcome (clients, designers, contractors, product suppliers and manufacturers, industry bodies etc.). The group will be limited to a maximum of 12 members so as to remain agile and collaborative.

Contact Richard Broad at to find out more.

Accord Housing
Aluminium Roofline Products
Berkeley Group
Flooring Manufacturers Sustainability Alliance
Lawton Tubes
Mueller Europe
Solus Ceramics

Stakeholders and Activities Map

We seek to foster collaboration with the Plastics in Construction group members, amongst the wider ASBP membership and with other organisations working in the space – we don’t want to “reinvent the wheel”. By signposting the important work being carried out in this field, we hope this will reduce repetition of work and help stimulate collaboration between stakeholders.

The purpose of the map is to allow stakeholders (built environment professionals, researchers, consumers and others) to discover useful connections, initiatives, reports, policies, research projects and more.

Challenges and Solutions

Prior to our first meeting we asked the group members and partners to describe any challenges facing their organisation in regards to reducing their plastics usage, and to highlight any initiatives, research and development they are undertaking to find solutions.

Our forthcoming introductory guide will explore these in further detail but you can check out some highlights today in the news slider.

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