Webinar: Understanding Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Referenced material

During the webinar, the following EPD’s are referenced. Download by clicking the link.

EPD – Trae.dk Glulam

EPD – Thermalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block

EPD – Stora Enso Sawn Timber

EPD – Mannok Aircrete Blocks

EPD – Generic Autoclaves Aerated Concrete Block

Further information

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products and Jane Anderson (ConstructionLCA) bring you a webinar on understanding Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). The aim is to provide a greater understanding of EPD, practical information and how to use them.

For more information about this event see https://asbp.org.uk/events/webinar-understanding-environmental-product-declarations-epd or contact larry@asbp.org.uk

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