How to Use Natural Paints and Finishes


The benefits of natural paints and finishes for our buildings, people and planet are considerable – virtually VOC-free, non-toxic, breathable, better for allergy sufferers and free of polluting fossil-fuel based microplastics.

  • But how can they be best used in practice?
  • Are they applicable to all building types and substrates?
  • Are specialist skills necessary?
  • What preparation is required?
  • And how do they differ in use from mainstream paints and finishes?

ASBP was joined by expert members of our Paints & Finishes Group for a practical ‘how to’ session on using natural paints and finishes, with case studies, demonstrations, top tips, FAQs and more.


Speaker timings and presentation downloads

00:00:00 Welcome to the webinar – Richard Broad, Director, ASBP

00:07:24 Are natural paints and finishes applicable to all building types and substrates? – Anton Boekhoudt, National Architectural Business Development Manager, Keim Paints

Download presentation – Anton Boekhoudt

00:32:10 ‘How to’ apply natural paints and finishes – Edward Bulmer, Co-Founder, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Download presentation – Edward Bulmer

00:56:43 How do natural paints and finishes differ in use from mainstream products? And are they long lasting? – Roger Maher, Sales Development Manager, Earthborn Paints

Download presentation – Roger Maher

01:23:20 FAQs and audience Q&A

01:30:00 Close

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