Richard Broad

Richard Broad has been in the sustainability industry for nearly a decade, working for a number of progressive sustainability organisations and programmes under the Sustainable Development Foundation umbrella including the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), Building Performance Network, Good Homes Alliance (GHA), Passivhaus Trust and Shine Healthcare Network.

Richard is an Associate Director of ASBP and Project & Communications Manager for GHA:

  • Overseeing marketing activities and campaigns (GHA Vanguard Campaign and Build Net Zero Now campaigns).
  • Working on membership development and fundraising.
  • Organising knowledge sharing events and conferences (GHA Annual Conference, ASBP Healthy Buildings Conference).
  • Project managing innovative research projects (ERDF-funded SBWRC and BIO-CIRC, Innovate UK-funded DISRUPT I/II).
  • Facilitating cross-sector working groups (ASBP Natural Fibre Insulation Group and Paints & Finishes Group; GHA Vanguard, Pathfinder and Net Zero Developer networks).
  • Managing successful programmes such as the ASBP Awards.

Richard has a technical background with a Sustainable Built Environment BA from the University of Nottingham and an Architectural Technology MSc from Sheffield Hallam University.

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