EPD benefits, expectations & fulfillments – Brands & Values Report

This study from Brands & Values examines the benefits and expectations of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs according to EN 15804) from the point of view of the stakeholders involved.

The study:

  • provides a basic understanding of EPDs
  • looks at the benefits of EPDs and compares stakeholder expectations and the degree of fulfilment
  • presents experiences and recommendations from the company’s point of view
  • provides an overview of the programme operators
  • outlines the individual steps and key issues on the way to a verified EPD
  • shows the expected timeframe and costs.

In 2020, Tobias Brinkmann of Brands & Values joined ASBP for a webinar focused on EPD for manufacturers & suppliers.

A report on their study is available to download via their website.

Link to Brands & Values report

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