EPD benefits, expectations & fulfillments – Brands & Values Report

Environmental Product Declaration(s) (EPD) are increasingly being sought by architects, engineers and specifiers for Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and aiming for NetZero – but what is the value to the stakeholders?

The fifth in our series of webinars on LCA, EPD and embodied carbon focused on EPD for manufacturers & suppliers. Stakeholders shared their experiences on the benefits of creating EPD weighed up against the costs and effort involved.

Tobias Brinkmann of Brands & Values sustainability consultants shared their findings on stakeholders’ views. The study reveals the areas the stakeholders were most interested in and the degreee to which their expectations were not fulfilled. It was also noted that a better understanding of EPD – by the stakeholders and their staff – can improve their value to manufacturers and suppliers.

A report on their study is available to download via their website.

Link to Brands & Values report


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