ASBP member Vastern Timber publish first full carbon audit report

As part of their efforts to reduce the negative impact of their business activities, and to meet the requirements of Business Declares, ASBP member Vastern Timber has completed their first in-depth carbon audit. 

Vastern commissioned JCH Industrial Ecology, a respected environmental consultancy, to carry out an analysis of their greenhouse gas emissions data for 2021.

Tom Barnes at Vastern Timber with Callum Hill, an expert in evaluating carbon footprints
Tom Barnes at Vastern Timber with Callum Hill, an expert in evaluating carbon footprints

The audit includes Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions as defined in ISO 14064-1. Emissions of biogenic carbon from the biomass boiler are also reported in ‘out-of-scope’ emissions. And the report includes a calculation of the atmospheric sequestered carbon stored in the timber Vastern sold in 2021.

The total scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for Vastern Timber was 710 tonnes of CO2e (CO2e means Carbon dioxide equivalent – it’s a measure of all greenhouse gases). That works out at 118kg of greenhouse gas emissions for each cubic metre of timber we sold in 2021. Although out of scope, Vastern did calculate the biogenic carbon captured in the timber they have sold over the period. In 2021, this was almost 7000 tonnes.

Looking ahead, Vastern will repeat the audit process in 2023, and have already taken steps to reduce the headline figure of 118kg of CO2e / m3.

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ASBP welcomes Vastern Timber’s transparent approach to carbon reporting. We encourage other SME organisations within the ASBP membership and wider industry to conduct similar carbon audits of their operations. This will allow for more accurate comparison between building material types and shared learning on how to reduce emissions.”

If you are an ASBP member and are planning to complete a similar audit, please do let us know

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