Mass Timber Insurance Playbook – Stakeholder Workshops

Date: Tuesday 17th January/Tuesday 21st February 2023   Time: 12:00-13:00   Location: Online (Zoom)

Join ASBP and the authors of the Mass Timber Insurance Playbook to find out more about the important new guidance which aims to streamline the process of obtaining insurance for mass timber buildings.

About the Mass Timber Insurance Playbook

To confront the challenges of securing insurance for mass timber buildings and create an industry-accepted guidance and playbook for developers, investors and designers, ASBP has been awarded funding from Built by Nature, with co-funding and in-kind expertise provided by global insurance broker Marsh, and Zurich Resilience Solutions, part of Zurich Insurance Group.

The objective of the Mass Timber Insurance Playbook is to facilitate and streamline the process of obtaining insurance for both construction and ongoing occupation of mass timber buildings. The Playbook builds upon the work of our Timber Accelerator Hub project which concluded earlier this year.

Extensive industry research has identified the difficulties of insuring mass timber buildings, and the Playbook aims to be a relevant and practical resource to help overcome these challenges, with early-stage engagement of all parties a key element of success in the design and planning processes.

The guide will clearly identify steps on how to engage insurers as early as possible to ensure that the correct questions are asked toward enabling timber use without compromising overall building resilience. The playbook will also be set out to coordinate with the RIBA Plan of Work stages.

About the workshops

The aim of the workshops is to provide a wide range of stakeholders (insurers, developers, asset managers, fire engineers, architects, structural engineers and more) with an opportunity to find out more about the new guidance and review a draft version (which will be circulated to attendees post-event) so you can provide feedback. We will go through all the comments before the end of March, when we provide a final draft and then we will be seeking endorsements, with the final version published in May 2023.

About the authors

The development of the guide will be overseen by the founder of Mass Timber Risk Consulting Ltd, Philip Callow, who has 19 years of experience as a construction insurance broker and underwriter, and Jim Glockling, previous Director at RISCAuthority, the leading UK risk assessment organisation for construction, and currently an independent consultant and Visiting Professor, School of Natural Sciences University of Central Lancashire. Prof. Glockling authored, in association with UK insurers, the widely circulated 2022 industry publication which described the insurance challenges of mass timber construction.


12.00 Welcome from ASBP – Simon Corbey, Director

12.05 Welcome from Built by Nature – Joe Giddings, UK Networks Lead

12.10 Introduction to the Playbook

  • Philip Callow, Founder, Mass Timber Risk Consulting Ltd
  • Jim Glockling, Independent Consultant and Visiting Professor, School of Natural Sciences, University of Central Lancashire

12.30 Updates from project supporters – Eurban and Gardiner & Theobald

12.50 Q&A and next steps

13.00 Close

Key details

Dates: Tuesday 17th January and Tuesday 21st February 2023

Time: 12:00-13:00

Location: Online (Zoom)

Fees: Free, registration essential

Please note, it is not necessary to attend both workshops.

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