ASBP Innovation Pitch Series – Grand Final

Date: Wednesday 24th February   Time: 15:00-16:30   Location:


About the ASBP Innovation Pitch Series

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), in collaboration with the ASBP Plastics in Construction Group, launched its exciting innovation pitch series in June 2020.

Aimed at innovators, start-ups and manufacturers launching new product ranges, the innovation pitch series highlights innovative alternatives to conventional plastic building materials and packaging. The products can be at any stage of the innovation cycle from early development to market ready.

Innovation Pitch Series Final

Following a number of exciting preliminary rounds, we’re looking forward to the Grand Finale on Wednesday 24th February, 15:00-16:30 where the 6 finalists will pitch again for the chance to be crowned the overall winner. 

About the Pitchers:

Biohm participated in our first Innovation Pitch event in June 2020, which focused on insulation. They were voted as the winner by the judges and the audience.  They are an award winning research and development led, bio-manufacturing company. They have developed a mycelium insulation panel (from fungi) utilising waste materials.


Egg Lighting were both the judges’ and audience winner for the Building Services pitch event, held in January 2021. Based in Scotland, they manufacture and supply a range of lighting for different purposes. They pitched their remanufacture offering which is part of their circular economy service, whereby lights can be fitted, maintained, refurbished and installed utilising a modular design, ultimately leading to less material use, including plastics.


Treetop Biopak were the judges’ winner at our Packaging Innovation Pitch event held in September 2020. They offer a number of compostable packaging solutions for the construction industry including shrink wrap, stretch wrap, bags, wrapping sheets and adhesive tape. These are bio-plastic based, and can be composted after use.


Solus Ceramics participated in the Flooring, Paints and Finishes Innovation Pitch in November 2020 and were voted the judges’ winner. Their product is organic vinyl flooring, which is formed of ecuran, a composite material derived largely from plant-based oils and minerals such as chalk. Plasticisers and solvents are not used.


Graphenstone were the audience winner at the Flooring, Paints and Finishes Innovation Pitch in November 2020. Their product is a lime-based paint with the nanotechnology of graphene fibres. The lime is made in wood burning kilns. The paint can be white, coloured or primers.


Warmshell were the winner of our Building Element Pitch event in December 2020, voted the winner by both the audience and the judges. Warmshell is an insulation system which can be used for external or internal walls. It  uses wood fibre panel insulation and lime mortars embedded with recycled glass. Warmshell is produced by Lime Green.

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This event is part of the ASBP’s Healthy Building Conference 2021.


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