ProplexFR and ‘O’ Profile Impactboard

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Key information

Manufacturer name:
Protec International Ltd
Product type:
Temporary protection
Registration date:
October 16, 2020
Valid until:
October 6, 2025
This EPD applies to Protec's polypropylene-based ProplexFR ranges of temporary fire-retardant polymeric polypropylene-based building protections, ProplexFR, ProplexFR HD and Proplex ImpactBoard™. Proplex polypropylene-based temporary building protection is classified CPC 3633 under the UN CPC classification system v2.1. PROPLEXFR ProplexFR building protections are used to protect most floor finishes; they are available as twin wall, flame-retardant impact-resistant translucent or black sheets or rolls in several thicknesses and weights that can be selected based on site traffic and project duration. PROPLEXFR HD ProplexFR HD has been specially developed to provide extra tough, hard-wearing protection to any surface susceptible to damage. Its improved compression and impact resistance help protect against heavy vehicular traffic. PROPLEXFR 'O' PROFILE IMPACTBOARD™ This 'O' profile board, sold under the brand name "ImpactBoard" is tough and durable. The impact resistant ‘O’ profile structure provides the inherent core strength of ImpactBoardTM. This means it will stand up to all wheeled traffic including pivoting on the spot.

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