Clay plasters (Rustic, Demi Rustic, Smooth, Tonal)

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November 9, 2020
Valid until:
November 8, 2025
Clayworks Clay plasters are unique blends and formulations of unfired clays mixed with minerals and natural pigments to provide a healthy, breathable finish for internal walls and ceilings. Naturally pigmented, they provide an alternative to the more conventional wall finish of gypsum plaster and paint. They are supplied in a dried form, ready to mix with water and apply with conventional plastering tools and skills. Manufactured in Cornwall from abundant raw materials, they are amongst the most sustainable wall finishes available. They are recyclable, compostable, re-useable, and contain no toxic ingredients. Or VOCs (harmful chemicals released during and after application). As well as being 100% natural, Clayworks clay plasters are also high performance. They regulate indoor relative humidity, allow buildings to breathe, and absorb toxins, odours and acoustics, they can also passively regulate temperature and are easily repaired. They are applied with the same skills and tools as other wall plasters.

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