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Instructions, Entry Criteria and Application Form

The ASBP Awards 2024 are FREE to enter. As with previous ASBP Awards, we would like your submission to be framed within the aspirations of the ASBP’s “Six Pillars of Sustainable Construction”.

Before you begin, please read through the following instructions.


  1. Check the entry criteria below to make sure your submission is eligible for entry.
  2. Download the submission document template and complete. This is where you provide the bulk of information to support your submission and can explain in detail how your entry excels across the ASBP’s ‘Six Pillars of Sustainable Construction'. You can also include any supporting information within the template such as plans, graphs and photos. To keep applications succinct and ensure fairness, please follow the instructions and do not add further slides beyond the advised number.
  3. Where applicable, please take into account and answer the following questions when you explain how your project excels in each Pillar.
    • Products - Were any particular products essential to the success of this project? Do you have any evidence of the performance of these products?
    • Measured performance - Do you have any measured performance data for the building? What does the data show?
    • Lessons learned - What lessons were learned from the project? What would you do differently?
    • Replicability/scalability - Are the design/construction approaches adopted on the project easily replicable and could be scaled up
    • Cost effectiveness/value – How does the project provide good value for the client/owner/occupant?
  4. Once the template has been completed, please fill in the short online application form further down this page with your key details and attach the submission document (as a Powerpoint or PDF file).
  5. Click ‘Submit’. You will receive confirmation of your entry upon receipt. Shortlisted entries will be announced in November 2023. Good luck!

Entry criteria

  • Project must have completed by September 2023.
  • Project must be located within the United Kingdom.
  • Project may be new build or retrofit.
  • Project may be any building type/sector (i.e. commercial, residential, education).
  • Entries are welcomed from any person in the project team (i.e. architect, consultant, client, contractor, product manufacturer/supplier).
  • Joint submissions from more than one company/person in the project team are welcomed.
  • Companies located outside of the United Kingdom may apply, as long as the project is situated within the UK.
  • Shortlisted entrants may be required to record a short video to supplement their application.
  • Shortlisted projects will be required to host an in-person site visit during November-December 2023.

Application form

    Project details

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    Applicant details

    Submission document

    You MUST use the Submission document template for this section. Download template.

    If file too large, please submit entry and send completed submission document via WeTransfer to

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