Reuse Now webinar recording: Materials reuse digital hubs

‘Reuse Now’ is supported by gold sponsor and long-standing ASBP patron member Cleveland Steel and Tubes

Bronze sponsors: Excess Materials ExchangeOptima and Reusefully

This events is part of ASBP’s Reuse Now Campaign. Find out more here.

Journey into the world of materials reuse digital (online) hubs, and discover how they are facilitating a new approach to resource management. This webinar, part of ASBP’s Reuse Now Campaign, showcased leaders in the field including Material Reuse Portal, Reyooz, and Reuse Now bronze sponsor Excess Materials Exchange as they shared their insights and experiences in reshaping the way we think about, specify and handle materials to enable and implement the reuse of materials and products.


  • 13:00 WelcomeDebbie Ward, Reuse Now campaign lead, ASBP
  • 13:05 Insights from industry leaders
    • EME
    • Reyooz
    • Material Reuse Portal
  • 13:40 Q&A and panel session
  • 14:00 Close

Webinar recording


Q&A is currently being completed by the speakers and will be available soon.


During the event we ran a poll with a series of questions, with the outcomes displayed below. The answers will feed into our growing knowledge and understanding of reuse enablers and barriers, and help shape the Reuse Now Campaign.

Have you ever procured or specified reused products or materials?


Have you ever used a digital reuse platform?


If yes was it for listing or sourcing products?

Listing products
Sourcing products

What sort of products have you used them for?

What would make you use them more?

Respondents were asked what would make them use digital reuse platforms more, with some of the answers displayed below:

  • Greater understanding
  • Easy website to see that they are available and their spec
  • Knowing where to look
  • More variety of upcycled materials that can be used. Alot of platforms have lots of little bits and bobs
  • Regulation support, more affordable testing practices
  • Awareness
  • More choice, better standard specifications, clear warranty information
  • English translation, Transport/delivery service
  • Fast upload of materials for reuse. Quick availability of ‘local reuse’. Some connection between all the reuse platforms
  • Better Coverage (products and geography)
  • Being more accessible for construction material
  • Availability and Quality Assurance Client allowed/specified

What do think are the biggest issues with using a digital reuse platforms?

Respondents were asked what the biggest isssues were with using digital reuse platforms, with some of the answers displayed below.

  • Awareness and warranties and responsability
  • Reluctance of the industry to digital tools, unfamiliarity, cost-benefit misconception
  • Ensuring the necessary performance Infrastructure Changing mindsets
  • Quality/warranty of products May lack info on how it was manufactured/sustainability in the manufacture process
  • Insueancee, fire risk
  • I’m not aware of all of the ones available to me locally!
  • Speed / warranty & certification … quality etc
  • Accessibility for specific locations
  • Coverage (products and geography)
  • Not construction suitable
  • Availability and Quality Assurance
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