Reuse Now webinar recording: Material Passports

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Catch up with out webinar where we delved into the innovative world of Material Passports, exploring their potential to increase sustainability, improve circular economy practices, and change the future of resource management.

Materials passports are comprehensive documents or digital records that detail the composition, origin, usage history, and potential future applications of a particular material or product throughout its lifecycle. They serve as a form of identification and documentation, providing crucial information about the materials used, their characteristics, and environmental impacts.

This online event, part of ASBP’s Reuse Now Campaign, showcased leaders in the field. They presented the work they have been doing on Material Passports and how that supports a circular built environment, including facilitating the reuse of materials and products.


  • 12:30 Welcome – Debbie Ward, Reuse Now campaign lead, ASBP
  • 12:35 Introduction and insights from industry leaders
    • Anastasia Stella, Circuland/Waterman
    • Andrea Charlson, Madaster
    • Jade Cohen, Qualisflow
    • Rachel Hoolahan, ORMS & Ana Costa, University of Lancaster
    • James Adams, Maconda Solutions
  • 13:20 Q&A and panel session
  • 14:00 Close

Webinar recording


Q&A is currently being completed by the speakers and will be available soon.


During the event we ran a poll with a series of questions, with the outcomes displayed below. The answers will feed into our growing knowledge and understanding of reuse enablers and barriers, and help shape the Reuse Now Campaign.

Have you used materials passports before?


If not, do you plan to this year?


Have you used/would you use an ‘off the shelf’ type system or your own version? (multiple choice)

I have used an 'off she shelf' type system
I have used our own version
I would use an 'off the shelf' type system
I would use our own version

Which materials do you think materials passport are most useful for?

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