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The Timber Accelerator Hub Property Insurance Forum is a series of events that bring together industry stakeholders to discuss issues surrounding the insurability of timber buildings, including safe design, fire safety and repairability. You can find recordings of each event below. 

How to safely design a high rise Mass Timber building - A Case Study on Dalston Lane

Organised by Gallagher

With presentations from:

  • Andrew Waugh & David Lomax, Waugh Thistleton Architects
  • Alan Dowdall & Gavin White, Ramboll
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Fire safety in Mass Timber buildings

With presentations from:

  • Sam Liptrott, OFR
  • Kelly Harrison, Whitby Wood
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Repairability of Mass Timber structures

What happens when repairs are required to a mass timber structure following a fire or an escape-of-water situation? How is any damage remediated in these types of building, what are the impacts on structural performance and what proactive steps can be taken to ensure that the need for costly repairs is prevented in the first place? We’ll hear from industry leading mass timber contractor Eurban in response to some of these questions that have been raised by insurance providers

With presentations from:

  • Philip Zumbrunnen & Jonathan Fovargue, Eurban
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Durability of Mass Timber Structures

What proactive steps can be taken during the design and construction of Mass Timber buildings to safeguard the durability of the structural materials and prevent the need for costly repairs further down the line? We’ll hear from industry figures in response to this question which has been raised by property insurance underwriters and risk assessors. Andrew Lawrence, Director at Global Design, Engineering and Consultancy firm Arup, and Sarah Wakley, Director of Leaksafe, will speak about some of the remarkably simple steps that can be taken to improve the longevity of timber structural components.

With presentations from:

  • Sarah Wakley, Director, Leaksafe
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