Larry Tate

Larry has a BA with honours in Architecture and M.Arch (master’s in architecture) from the University of Brighton, where his keen interest in sustainability developed.  Between these he worked for an architect’s practice in Ecuador on a government funded regeneration project, including redevelopment of community facilities.

Larry’s prior role was as part of an operations team in the language school sector, delivering events in various type, format and scale as well as working with student engagement. Larry now uses his professional experience and architectural background to assist both the ASBP and the Good Homes Alliance, working on projects, communications, marketing, and membership. With a keen interest in plastic pollution Larry takes a role in ASBP’s reducing plastic in construction group, working on group outputs and the ZAP project (Zero Avoidable Packaging Waste in Construction).

Aside from ASBP and GHA, Larry volunteers with the Architects Climate Action Network, helping to run their busy events series.

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