Lime Green Products Ltd

Founded in 2002, Lime Green Products is a leading supplier of high quality lime-based products for use in building renovation, conservation and new construction. . Their customer base is wide and includes home owners, builders merchants, contractors and public bodies. Lime Green is a forward thinking, innovative company committed to offering construction materials from sustainable sources which minimize environmental impact and contribute to healthier buildings. With an expected life span of over 30 years, this is the only UK manufactured external wall insulation system using breathable lime render to have also passed ETAG 004 European Technical Approval. Lime Green ensures compliance through its installer and specifiers training programme. To meet growing demand for its environmentally friendly products, Lime Green has embarked on the development of its current manufacturing site in Shropshire to provide significantly greater capacity and warehousing together with new offices. The first phase of this expansion was completed in 2014. Research and Development are key to the company’s success, products are quality controlled and refined wherever possible and new products designed all in their Lime Lab.


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