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natureplus is an European member-based environmental organisation and committed to the transformation of the building sector towards climate-protecting, resource-saving and healthy building and living. Supported by its members and partners from across the building industry (like building companies, manufacturers and architects) and non-profit organisations (like environmentalist or building ecologists) the association is actively promoting sustainable building materials across Europe. As a non-profit organisation, natureplus hosts specialist events, runs (political) campaigns, offers consulting, etc. in order to create public awareness. By joining natureplus, one supports the transformation of the construction sector towards sustainability.

natureplus awards building products with the natureplus eco-label. The eco-label is well known and strongly trusted across Europe by building specialists, consumers’ environmental organisations and recognised by government bodies and building evaluation systems. Accredited laboratories and assessors conduct the independent assessments to verify the requirements. The eco-label is built on the three key pillars of sustainability: climate protection, healthy accommodation and sustainable resourcing. The with more than 600 natureplus-certified building products is a useful tool for planners and architects.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

As partner of the first hour and founding member, natureplus shares the ASBP’s goals and is committed to increasing quality, health and sustainability of the built environment. To accomplish this mission ASBP is a valuable partner, offering a broad and strong network in the UK on the one hand and the opportunity to participate actively in the identification and specification of better building products and systems.

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