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Oliver Heath is a writer, researcher, designer, and passionate advocate for healthy & sustainable buildings. Over the last 24 years Oliver has used his media platform working for terrestrial TV channels to discuss how to create happier, healthier places to live that are truly fit for the future.

He is the author of 3 books most recently “Design a Healthy Home” (DK Books) exploring how to create healthy eco-friendly spaces to live in, no matter the budget.

His approach to Biophilic Design investigates how enhanced nature connections in the built environment can help to reduce stress, aid recuperation, and build more resilient communities, to bring measurable financial benefits to building and business owners; reducing negative costs like absenteeism and staff turnover, whilst improving outcomes.

This evolutionary design approach will transform the way you think about the buildings and spaces around you, helping you to understand their impact on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and unlock numerous benefits.

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Oliver Heath Design

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Biophilic Design Expert

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