SPAB Building Performance Survey 2016

The SPAB Building Performance Survey has been established in order to look at questions of risk in the refurbishment of traditional buildings. Since 2011 temperature and relative humidity profiles have been measured through three insulated solid walls. Joined, in 2014, by measurements of material moisture content. These different measurement techniques aim to provide a detailed insight into the behaviour of moisture and moisture risks in the fabric of the walls. Measurements show us how moisture quantities change and we are able to see to what extent these changes may be due to the weather, the location and orientation of the walls, their general condition and the materials used within them. Over the past six years we have built up a picture of the seasonal behavior of moisture in the walls, as well as longer term trends, which allows us to see the different and at times competing influences that affect these
moisture profiles.

Click here to download the summary report

Click here to download the full report (Interim)

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