Building Healthy Homes with Straw and other Natural Materials

Barbara Jones, Straw Works

Presentation – ASBP Healthy Buildings Conference and Expo 2017, February 2017

Barbara has achieved a lot in her career in construction, and been honoured for it. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, manufacturing and commerce (FRSA) in 2009. She was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Women in Construction in 2011 and received a Woman of Outstanding Achievement Award from UKRC in 2009.

She is very principled about using natural materials for building, and insists on designs that are simple and straight forward, often using unusual materials or techniques that have found her arguing with engineers and Building Inspectors on many occasions! She often says that she has worked with lots of engineers, but most of them only once, as she demands respect, an ability to discuss ideas and methods that are out of the ordinary, and a fearlessness that matches her own. Questioning why we do things the way we do, and learning from the architectural heritage we find around us every day have been her hallmarks.


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