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Architype has a different approach.

"Architype don't just design buildings that look good and feel great, they design buildings that work"

Alison Grenan, headteacher St Luke's Primary School

At no extra capital cost, we deliver higher quality design with radically reduced running costs. By avoiding architectural complexity and focusing on simplicity, we get more value out of your budget. By consulting effectively, we ensure that your building will express your ethos and meet your practical needs. By designing to Passivhaus, we deliver the lowest possible energy consumption and the most comfortable internal environment. By learning from the evidence gained by monitoring the performance of our previous buildings, we ensure that your building will work. Architype offers a range of services including: architectural and fully integrated design team services, Passivhaus consultancy, whole life carbon analysis, and post occupancy building performance monitoring.

"Design is not just how something looks or how it feels, design is how it works"

Steve Jobs

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