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Founded in 1993, Anglia Lime is the leading manufacturer and distributor of lime-based eco-materials in East Anglia. With a mixing plant on site, we produce our own range of DryReadymix mortars ideal for building conservation and new-build; our innovative chalk-based plasters and renders and also putty-based mixes. Our new Quality Control Laboratory allows us stay at the forefront of innovations and help us find environmentally sound solutions.

Our expertise is why people come to us. From small home renovations, to big monument restorations, to new-build, we use our extensive detailed knowledge to accompany and guide our clients in their projects. We work closely with homeowners, contractors, architects, and conservation officers to advise and find the right product for the right job with a tailored service of the highest standards by ensuring quality and durability.

The re-opening of our Training Centre a couple of years ago is the perfect way for us to share our knowledge. We want to educate the public on the benefits of lime and its properties and inspire future generations by providing them with the necessary skills to maintain British heritage.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

As we are encompassing sustainability as a part of one our core values, we want to start engaging with other companies with the same mind-set, hence us joining the Alliance. We aim to do our part in protecting our environment and are always looking for new ideas on how to do this. With the ASBP sharing similar values and ethos as us, we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity that we have no doubt will be beneficial for both parties.

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