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For us design is a powerful tool for good, both social and environmental. At its best it improves the quality of people’s lives and lifts their spirit, while drawing on a minimum of the earth’s limited resources.

We live in exceptional times. A time of planetary emergency with potentially catastrophic climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. Marks Barfield recognise that buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy related CO2 emissions are therefore a signatory (+ a founder) of the Architects/Construction Declares Movement. We are committing to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues to  make the fundamental shift needed to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients and society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries – moving towards regenerative and self-sustaining solutions.

Every project is a product of an approach that strives to stay free of preconceptions, open to possibility and change, yet informed by analysis, understanding and experience. Our designs start with the client’s needs and aspirations together with a response to the site and its context, followed by research, exploration and collaboration with others.  They often lead to unexpected, bespoke  solutions.


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