Lignum Risk Partners

Website The website link is to RISCS, an independent alternative risk transfer consultancy which is run by Oliver Schofield; we include this as it describes some of the activities that he will be undertaking for Lignum.

Lignum Risk Partners (Lignum) was established in early 2022 to provide business and risk management consultancy services to the broad UK construction market with a specific focus in the sustainable building sector.

We consult on the feasibility, the design and then the implementation of alternative capital solutions for businesses in this sector so that our clients are better informed as to which route to pursue to enable them to achieve their carbon net zero targets.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

We support the construction industry's push for carbon net zero by 2030 and are keen to play our part through the delivery of new capital solutions. Being a member of ASBP will enable us to participate in an open knowledge sharing environment with like minded professionals.

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