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Lamella MMC is unique in the sustainable construction market.

Yes, we are a supplier of the highest quality Cross Laminated Timber CLT, LVL beams, CLT stairs, floors, roofs and ceilings.

But we are also consultants, educators, partners and guides in the fast emerging world of sustainable development.

With our partners and associates, we can become part of your development team helping to guide the procurement and delivery process.

We can help you move your business from labour intensive, risky, carbon heavy construction techniques into a world where buildings are zero carbon, building sites are tidy, the process is fast and controllable and tolerances are tight.

We work with architects (planning and design, S106 mitigation and DfMA), engineers (including fire engineering), building regulations consultants, fixings suppliers, CLT installers, project managers and many other experts in their fields to bring you the best team of problem solvers for your project.

We may even be able to help with project funding and mortgages for your residential customers.

Speak to us to start the relationship and future proof your business.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

We joined ASBP because it was the only  organisation which promotes the mainstream use of CLT and other laminated timber products and understands the regulatory and other issues we face in developing the market. It is also refreshing to find an organisation which is prepared to go head to head with established vested interests in the cause of sustainable construction

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