Greencore Homes

Greencore Homes is a fast-growing housebuilder that creates Climate Positive, low carbon homes and places.

Greencore’s Climate Positive homes are built using an innovative timber frame panel that is insulated with natural materials. Unlike traditional brick homes, these panels lock up more carbon than they emit. These “Biond” timber panels are assembled at Greencore’s Bicester factory before being built on site, which enables fast and efficient building times, ensures that the homes are built to high environmental standards while minimising build time, noise, disruption and carbon emissions during construction.

The importance of this approach should not be understated. The UK is in the midst of a twin climate and housing shortage crises, which require urgent action and innovative solutions. Greencore Homes new way of building homes shows that the housebuilding industry can build homes quickly whilst meeting the highest possible environmental and energy efficiency standards. As a result, Greencore Homes has received significant investment from majority shareholder M&G to back its experienced senior leadership team, led by Jon Di-Stefano, former CEO of Telford homes. Matching the scale of the challenge ahead, Greencore Homes has ambitious targets to build 10,000 climate positive homes by 2035.

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