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Brian Murphy ONC HNC Construction, BSc Dip Architecture (Hons+Dist)

  • Technician and Architect by Training
  • Specification Writer by Choice
  • Environmentalist by Actions
  • Writer and Educator as a Calling
  • Number Cruncher by Necessity
  • Greening up my act since 1999
  • Founded National Green Specification 2001
  • Launched 2003
  • Created: GBE at 2012
  • Created: GBL Learning: 2020
  • Created: GBC at 2020
  • Currently developing Green Building Calculator V3, Green Retrofit Calculator V1 and working with Firstplanit.
  • Ambition to launch platforms to capture and create Green Building Price Book, Green Building Product Data Collection & Green Readymade Assemblies to generate Green Building Specifications.
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