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Every building product purchase impacts at many scales – Environmental, Social, Health and Monetary. Until now, these have never been assessed and assimilated holistically, set out in a transparent, rigorously researched, data-driven, personalised, user-friendly, accessible digital format. Firstplanit is doing just that.

Firstplanit translates, connects, supports, and contextualises sustainable and healthy building product decisions for specifiers. Firstplanit creates enormous value for building material and product manufacturers by translating complex, scattered data into a simple Impact Indicator, Score and Benefits index and helping identify areas of improvement.

Pushing beyond CO2 reporting, Firstplanit respects synergies and trade-off tensions that always arise when people make building material and product choices.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

Firstplanit embodies ASBPs six pillars of Sustainable construction as it combines Environmental, social, health, and monetary impacts. Our goals and ambitions are aligned so it is a natural fit.

Firstplanit will share its body of work with ASBP members and the wider community to continue supporting the construction industry's green transition.

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