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Adaptavate are leading the way in manufacturing and developing healthier, low carbon construction materials for the mainstream market. They have secured £2.16 million investment to scale it’s carbon-absorbing plasterboard, Breathaboard, and to increase roll out of its revolutionary internal Breathaplasta plaster range.

Adaptavate markets the range of Breathaplasta products viz. Universal (Bio Based), Super smooth finishing plaster and Thermal Insulation. The fabric first systems approach to better buildings, hence a healthier society, is now a solution for the mainstream market. Our best in class performance plasters, made easy, are available nationwide.

Adaptavate is developing Breathaboard, which will be a drop alternative to plasterboard.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

We are on a journey to develop and manufacture construction materials of the future. We are aware we cannot do this in isolation, and membership to the ASBP broadens our horizons in terms of learnings and contacts.

The ASBP members are doing what we as product manufacturers and developers are doing. The route to developing sustainable building materials in the built environment is unchartered, and much of the work done to date has been by pioneers. Our issue as operators in this space is mainstream architect, contractor and home owner awareness. It seems ASBP are a mouthpiece for likeminded people, and that's why we applied to be a member.

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