2050 Materials Limited

2050 Materials centralises all sustainability information into a single platform, enabling designers to save time and money at any project stage. It tackles the lack of structured and easy-to-consume data around the sustainability performance of building products, while providing the largest database of sustainable building products with digitised environmental and health data. 2050 Materials aims to democratise sustainable design by offering design optimisation tools and simplified metrics on all building products, in a format that everyone can understand and use during their design and specification phases.

What encouraged you to become a member of ASBP?

We have been following ASBP since the very early days of starting 2050 Materials, and we are big supporters of its approach, mission and contribution to the fight against climate change. Through educating the sector and helping improve conventional practices, we want to collaborate with ASBP to minimise the environmental and social impact of the construction sector. As a member, we want to be connected to and gain knowledge from other ASBP members, as well as share our own. We have no doubt ASBP will be paramount in helping us stay ahead of the curve by constantly understanding the needs of the industry, and enhancing our platform and tools towards a more holistic sustainability approach.

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