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Ty-Mawr Lime’s sublime® Insulated limecrete floor system was the UK’s first LABC-registered breathable (vapour open) floor system. Designed specifically for use with underfloor heating, although it is equally suitable for those without, the sublime® floor’s breathability makes it particularly well suited to use within existing solid wall properties, but it’s simplicity and ease of installation makes it an appropriate choice for new builds and extensions. The ASBP selected this innovative ground bearing slab due to the creation of a vapour open solution which avoids the use of cement and petrochemical foams.

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When compared to older, conventional systems, sublime® offers a number of significant advantages:

  • Lightweight, so it is particularly well suited to historically significant sites such as churches where sensitive ground features may exist.
  • Clean and simple installation as the insulated hardcore comprising of GLAPOR recycled foamed glass (RFG) gravel takes the place of separate hardcore and insulation found in a conventional concrete floor. The compressive strength of the foamed glass gravel eliminates the need for a separate slab and screed.
  • The system meets building regulations without the need for a damp proof membrane (DPM) as the foamed glass gravel manages low level moisture without the risk of forcing it to the base of the walls. 120mm thickness of foamed glass gravel is considered sufficient to create barrier to wicking.
  • Thermal performance – GLAPOR has a thermal conductivity of 0.078 W/mK. When used with underfloor heating the lower thermal resistance of the limecrete ensures that the energy heats the building and is not lost to the ground below. The high heat capacity of the limecrete slab helps to promote a stable internal temperature. Overall floor thickness will depend on specific conditions but typically an build-up of 250mm will give a U value of 0.25W/(m2.K).
  • Cost benefits from sublime® are derived from the fact that the GLAPOR fulfils three functions of thermal insulation, load bearing as well as moisture control (barrier to wicking) which eliminates the need for a DPM

Ty-Mawr have invested heavily in product development and certification. The sublime® floor system is approved throughout the UK as an LABC-registered detail. Ty-Mawr’s sublime® floor system has now been installed in thousands of buildings.

Ty Mawr was established in 1995 by husband and wife, Nigel and Joyce Gervis. Their substantial contribution to sustainable construction and traditional buildings was acknowledged at the 2016 Ashden Awards. Ty-Mawr is increasingly considered as a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of environmentally-friendly building materials and systems throughout the UK.

For further details please visit www.lime.org.uk or call them on 01874 611350. A free design and calculation service is also available.

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