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The Svarre System is a traditional Danish window which combines a unique design with a modern maintenance free exterior. The outside of the window is all glass and presents a seamless, flat, shiny surface. The border of the glass is coloured and covers the timber frame on the outside. This smooth glass exterior gives the Svarre window a unique, simple and modern appearance.

The frames are manufactured from Scandinavian slow grown pine wood which is laminated in a similar process to glulam and then painted using a water based system to an extensive range of colours and stains.

The ASBP has selected this window system as Product of the Month largely because of the innovative glass face which covers the wooden frame thereby eliminating the need for maintenance of the frame as well as negating the need for high embodied carbon aluminium cladding. Also, Svarre creates a modern and, in our opinion, attractive aesthetic, particularly in combination with timber cladding. The system also has high thermal performance with U values down to 0.86 w/m2k.

The manufacturers of Svarre claim a maintenance free exterior and it’s easy to see why. The frame is protected from weathering by the outer pane of glass, and the coloured border of the outer pane is baked into the glass in the toughening process to ensure that it does not fade.

The window is constructed with high quality burglary proof hardware. Hard stainless steel or aluminium hardware is used with the sashes having multiple locking points and 6mm toughened glass on the outside. The window also has good acoustic qualities with up to DB 42 created by 2 weathered seals and 3 layers of glass.

Vrøgum/Svarre is an innovative company with 50 years’ experience. The company produces high quality doors and windows. The windows meet the requirements for super low energy and high security. The company is located is Oksbøl, north of Esbjerg, Denmark and is part of the Vrøgum-Svarre Group. The bulk of its production is sold in export markets in the UK, Germany, Norway & Iceland.

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Passivlux are the only authorised seller of Svarre in the UK. For more information, visit, or contact Tim Bolton on 01227 379984 or

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