SiOO:x Wood Protection

SiOO:x is a new surface wood protection system for timber cladding and decking. The product causes accelerated weathering of the timber surface to create an even silver-grey appearance within a few months of application. The ability to create an even-aged appearance helps to eliminate one of the aesthetic objections to the use of uncoated timber cladding whilst maintaining a natural appearance. The SiOO:x system causes a chemical reaction within the top few millimetres of the wood to create a permanent colour change and provides a barrier to algae, mould and rot from gaining a hold in the wood. At the ASBP we see this as a technology that further helps to support the current boom in the use of timber cladding. Which in turn is a great market opportunity for homegrown timber.

Siberian larch house in Sweden

All too often the appearance of new timber clad buildings is ruined by uneven weathering. Aesthetics is hugely important in the built environment and this patchy weathering puts people off from specifying timber as a cladding material.

The SiOO:x Wood Protection System uses silicate/silane technology in a two-part water-based system. The first stage of the treatment uses a mineral silicate solution which is followed by a silane-based emulsion, which cures by cross-linking to form a flexible silica network and provides a water-proof barrier preventing leaching of the mineral silicate.

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire2

Over time, the mineral silicate cures by reacting with atmospheric carbon dioxide to precipitate an insoluble silica network within the wood structure. The product has been used extensively for cladding and decking protection (mostly in Sweden) and has also been used to protect the decks of sailing boats.

SiOO:x has been shown to be particularly effective at resisting the formation of algae and black spore with resinous timbers such as larch, cedar and oak.

Scottish larch clad house in Inverness-shire

The SiOO:x system is used as a surface protection system, which is suitable for Use Classes 1, 2, 3.1 and 3.2 (EN 335 part 2). Disposal of treated wood at end of life is not a problem, since the product is non-toxic.

Sioo Wood Protection AB is based in Gothenburg and has been marketing the wood protection system in Sweden since 1998. The wood protection system uses patented technology (WO 2007/11156) and maintains an ongoing R&D programme with Chalmers Technical University and the SP Technical Institute of Sweden.

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