Breathaplasta by Adaptavate

What is Breathaplasta?

Adaptavate has recently launched Breathaplasta, which is an innovative internal plaster designed to be thermally insulating and moisture regulating, helping to both reduce heat loss and maintain a comfortable and healthy internal environment.

Breathaplasta is a lime-based plaster system supplied in 25kg bags. One third of Breathaplasta’s volume is made from a crop-based bio-aggregate grown in the UK. Adaptavate engineered Breathaplasta to maximise hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb and release moisture vapour) which helps to reduce the risk of condensation and mould in buildings. The bio-aggregate also helps to reduce thermal conductivity and increase the surface temperature, which act to reduce heat loss and improve thermal comfort.

The ASBP has a clear focus on the ways in which more sustainable products can enhance the health and well-being of building occupants as well as those involved in the manufacturing and raw material supply chain. As a consequence we are delighted to select Breatherplasta for our ASBP Product of the Month.


What are the benefits?

As Adaptavate’s founder Tom Robinson was a plasterer by trade, his product Breathaplasta is relatively simple to use and requires no special training. The product was developed in collaboration with the University of Bath – a University that has an excellent track record in supporting the development of pioneering vapour open and bio-based construction products. Breathaplasta has a thermal conductivity of 0.23 W/m.K which is twice as efficient as conventional gypsum based alternatives.

Breathaplasta can be used as a skim finish directly on to plasterboard, but can also be applied on to masonry surfaces with a base and topcoat system.

In addition, different textured finishes can be achieved with the same material facilitating creativity. A smooth finish can be achieved within 2.5 hours of application, or a more tactile textured finish can be created with a sponge float. Breathaplasta was recently used in the refurbishment of the UK Green Building Council’s offices in London.



Adaptavate believe in supporting society to shift towards healthier more resource efficient buildings by creating high performance products at a price that enables them to succeed in high-volume construction markets.


Adaptavate can be contacted by:



Phone: 01453 827800.

Twitter: @adaptavate


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