Workshop: Zero Avoidable Packaging waste in construction – with RMAS

Date: Wednesday 14th September 2022   Time: 11:00-12:30   Location: Online (Zoom)

ASBP and Morgan Sindall will be delivering a workshop on our Zero Avoidable Packing waste in cosntruction Project with RMAS (Resource Management Association Scotland).


This workshop will take the form of a short presentation about the ZAP project, followed by a facilitated workshop  to explore in more detail: what is currently happening with plastics from construction sites, the barriers to recycling packaging, and what would enable more plastic construction packaging to be recycled.


11:00 – Welcome from ASBP, Dr Katherine Adams, Technical Director, ASBP

11:05 – About the Ecosurety Exploration Fund, Larry Tate, Projects and Communications Coordinator, ASBP

11:10 – The ZAP Project and its findings to date, Dr Katherine Adams, Technical Director, ASBP

11:25 – Construction challenges, Jane King, Environment Improvement Manager, Morgan Sindall

11:40 – Workshop sessions

  • What is currently happening with plastics from construction sites?
  • What are the barriers to packing recycling?
  • What would enable more plastic construction packaging to be recycled?
    • Manufacturers
    • Contractors
    • Waste management contractors/reprocessors (i.e.. RMAS)
  • How can ZAP and RMAS work together?

12:20 – Questions and closing comments

12:30 – Close

Key details

  • Date – Wednesday 14th September 2022
  • Time – 11:00-12:30
  • Cost: Free


About the ZAP project

The problem

There is little recent, substantive data and a lack of holistic understanding of the various packaging types that are used for the array of products that enter a construction site and its management both on and offsite. Construction as a sector is the second-highest consumer of plastics.

The solution

The ZAP project will research and develop scalable solutions to help combat the prevalence of avoidable packaging plastic waste in construction, much of which is not recycled. Working with project partners, the funded project will link with real-world construction projects to build case studies and develop training and guidance that will demonstrate the positive actions the whole supply chain and sector can do, helping many organisations reach zero avoidable waste.
Find out more about the ZAP Project

Download the initial findings report

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