Timber Cities: Transforming our cities from Carbon Emitters to Carbon sinks

Date: Wednesday 6th December 2023   Time: 15:00-16:30   Location: Online

A webinar exploring why the world’s oldest construction material is the material of the future. A PEFC event with Florian Steierer (UNECE/FAO), Susan Jones (atelierjones Architects), and Aaron Kaplan (Eco-innovation Foundation).

The speakers will cover key topics, including:

  • Advancing Low Carbon Construction in Cities
  • The Emergence of Mass Timber in the US
  • Wood cities and restored landscapes: a system solution for climate, nature and people

and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers in a session moderated by PEFC’s Fabienne Sinclair, Head of Market Engagement.


Details and booking information on the PEFC website.

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